Journey Land


Children age birth to fifth grade can participate in our Sunday morning program. They'll sing, laugh, listen, talk, create, and pray to learn the love of Jesus. Let us come alongside you in the spiritual nurturing of your children. You and your family are important to God!


Upon arrival, stop by the Journey Land check-in counter before the service. You will receive a nametag for your child(ren) and a security pick up tag. A volunteer will then walk you to the classrooms and introduce you to the teachers. For security, we have several volunteers who remain at the Journey Land counter and hallways for the duration of the service. If your child needs anything, we will notify you by posting your child's registration number on the monitor in the worship center. After the service, you will pick up your child(ren) at their classroom. If you've been with us before for Journey Land, feel free to use the self-check-in station. Upon arrival at the church, head to the left down the Offices hallway for a self-check kiosk where you can use our ipads to get your child's tickets.

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