Mary has been serving in children’s ministry for 16 years! For the last ten years, she’s served as the Director of Children’s Ministry here at Fox Valley, where she oversees all the aspects of the Journey Land Sunday Ministry, focusing on the nursery – preschool age classes.
Mary skillfully maintains all the administrative elements of the program, including registration and the family database.
With such an extensive background in children’s ministry, it’s no surprise that Mary is passionate about advancing God’s kingdom by introducing young children to God and his son Jesus Christ. She enjoys coming alongside parents and helping them to disciple their children–leading them towards the path of salvation through Jesus Christ.
When not engaging in children’s ministry, Mary enjoys being outside in God’s creation–spending time hiking and biking with her family. You might not know this, but Mary loves to fish! (We suppose that would make her a “fisher of man” AND a fisherman!) 

Mary loves using her God-given gifts and talents to help others, and that is just one of the things we love about her! It’s likely that in her retirement, we’ll still find Mary working with children and parents and fundraising for worthy causes.

Mary and her late husband, Marshal, have three sons: Luke, Erik, and Connor.