​We call it the 1-1-1 towards full surrender. Not merely a checklist, this is a heart posture of desiring to grow closer to Jesus. Attend one worship service, participate in one Life Group, and actively be engaged in one place to serve.


God does amazing, even miraculous things when the church is gathered together. Unlike personal devotions or even gatherings of Christians, Jesus’ plan advances through the local church. There is no Plan B. It is a deeply spiritual community in which the Holy Spirit accomplishes his work in powerful and unique ways. Consequently it is not merely a service to attend (that’s a form of legalism), but a place to live, find life and belong.

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It is impossible to process all the complexities we face in a larger service, but when we gather with friends to engage in spiritual conversations and encourage each other in mission we can deal with those things that hinder us. Our Life Groups seek to Lead into mission, teach the Word and Care for each other. It is truly the place to work through questions and issues we all face in life as we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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God has gifted each person for a place of service. As we use our spiritual gifts under the power of the Holy Spirit we better find God’s plans and purposes for making an eternal difference. There are several ministries within the church to serve in, and we’ve partnered with some local ministries where people serve.​