Duane was born and raised in Gary, IN by his Assyrian (Christian) parents, where he remained at home until attending college in 1960. 

During those 18 years, his older sister became quadriplegic and required full-time care from their mother while their father worked double-shifts in the steel mill to provide the extra income needed for her care. Understandably, Duane’s sister was the focus of his parent’s attention, affection and consolation. Duane notes that his identity seemed diminished. 

He says, “My college experiences fed my depletion as I became an entertainer, receiving both applause and recognition which fueled a spirit of deceitful selfishness leading me away from the Christian environment of my childhood.”

Duane received Christ’s awesome gifts of grace, mercy and unconditional forgiveness on Easter Sunday in 1972!  

As a very successful businessman, Duane worked in the metal-finishing business, creating special coating on aluminum/steel to keep them from rusting.

Duane and his wife Erika married on December 7, 1991 and led a pre-marital counseling ministry for two decades. In addition, they launched RV Churches USA, a ministry that exists to serve campground owners and RVers for Christ. 

In addition to serving on the Elder Board, Duane is the chairman of the Light for the Future communications team.

One fun fact you should know about Duane is his love and passion for model trains! He says: “My interest began 32 years ago when a friend invited me ‘play’ (running engines) with his mode railroad. I’ve been hooked ever since! My HO scale layout is 40ft X 40ft with more than 2,300 linear feet of track.”