Bible Reading Plan: Year 3 Quarter 4

October 2, 2023

In September 2020, Fox Valley started a 3-year journey reading through the Bible, one chapter a day.

We’re finishing October 2!

About the Plan

This reading plan takes you through the entire Bible in sequential order, one chapter at a time.  In any given week, you will read from both Old and New Testaments to break up the monotony and keep things fresh.

Why read through the Bible?

The Bible is the most accessible and tangible way God speaks to us today. God uses the entire Bible to save us, break us, heal us, build us, encourage us, teach us, guide us, protect us, satisfy us, bless us, change us, and reveal Himself to us.  The Bible itself says it is living and active, written by the very breath of God.  And this incredible source of God’s grace is ready to break into our lives today. We just have to open it and read it with a sincere heart. For this reason, we are doing a church-wide Bible reading campaign to read through the entire Bible together.  We encourage everyone to join us on this journey of no regrets.  Time in the Bible is always time invested very well.