Where Are We Going?
Tom Atchison   -  

Who is Fox Valley Church?
Every church has its own DNA. Even if a church shares a similar vision and mission, because a church is people, each spiritual community takes on a flavor of its own. It is well known that as the church leaders go, so goes the church. So influential are the leadership shepherds, the sheep often follow in their steps. It is important to know the leaders and where the church is headed. This series is designed to bring our body into a greater understanding of who FVC is, where we are going as a church and how we want to move forward.

The question this week is “Where are we going?” In the big picture our goal, our destination, our landing place, is to present everyone woman, every man, every student mature in Christ. The amazing aspect of our journey is Christ is our motivating and energizing power and at the same time He is our goal. Maturity in Christ is our ambition for everyone God brings to Fox Valley Church. However, this journey will involve suffering (24). The destination is “Christ is all and in all” (3:11). [Note: This message we will introduce the 1-1-1 towards full surrender. We will also remind our body of the vision, mission and values. Specifically, mature believers are always growing in the Word; continually in a place of deeper worship and prayer; understanding we need each other in meaningful relationships; and strengthening resolve to mission.]