Romans: How Not to be a Stumbling Block
Tom Atchison   -  

Romans: How to Not be a Stumbling Block

Mutual acceptance (love and unity) means that we live in such a way as to not be a stumbling block to one another. The gospel bring incredible freedom. However, this freedom cannot bring spiritual harm to those who have an opposing view. Thus, love for others and for the strengthening of the church matters. So, we welcome our brother and sister for whom Christ died. We accept each other because the work of God (kingdom of God) is more important than the secondary issues.


[NOTE: So, in chapter 14, there is a laser-like focus on what it means to live in mutual acceptance (love and unity) between two groups of people—”the weak” (14:1; 15:1 and “the strong” (15:1) in faith. Some of our brothers and sisters are more sensitive, having a tender conscience and sometimes being indecisive. There are times to compromise (we don’t have to agree) on practices, while clarity and no compromise on principles of the gospel. We need to stop condemning one another.
The focus in verses 1-12 is on the weak, but here it is on the strong (13-23).