Heart Matters: King Josiah
Brad Lawson   -  

Heart Matters: An encounter with God leads to a responsive heart

King Josiah walked in the way of the Lord from an early age. At 26 he had the temple repaired which led to the finding of the book of the law. Through the reading of God’s word, Josiah had an encounter with God which revealed God’s holiness and demanded a response. King Josiah responds with a humble and repentant heart. God will still still bring judgment but He delays it saving a generation because of King Josiah’s heart for God.


Heart Matters: King Josiah

King Josiah was one of Judah’s best kings, if not the very best. He is the only King in the Bible where it says that he did not turn aside to the right or to the left (v. 2) which was a condition God specified for His Kings in relation to the law (Deut. 17:20). This all started from an encounter with God. An encounter that led to repentance, which led to the removal of idols, which led to revival and proper worship of God. We are going to see three main takeaways during this series; 1) His encounter with God produced humility and repentance. True repentance that leads to a revolution of transformation in the land. 2) he saw the spiritual battle and removed all the idols. We don’t get to pick how to worship God. Josiah knew this. 3) He replaced the idols with proper worship which led to revival (Practices of the law, prayers and sacrifices, passover). A people that was utterly helpless is revived into a thriving worshiping community in the land of Judah.