Daniel: Our Only Hope
Tom Atchison   -  

Our Only Hope

Daniel was in prayer and a vision comes to him that was at once staggering, confusing and full of hope. In prayer he was concerned for the people of God because of the Babylonian captivity prophesied by Jeremiah and God’s promises to deliver them. There was the promise of the new covenant by Jeremiah that caused further intrigue. Daniel had his own hopes of what he wanted God to do, but God would make Daniel’s largest dreams pale in comparison to what God wanted to do! A day was coming when God would act and send His Anointed One to atone for sin and even put an end to sin and bring everlasting Righteousness. A new covenant would be established! But there would be a time between that rocked Daniel’s world and will rock ours! Are we ready to receive all that God has for us? (Note: This message can set us up for the Lord’s Supper.)