Daniel: Our Only Hope
Tom Atchison   -  

Daniel 10 brings us into the final vision (chapters 10-12) that involves a great war, a conflict of unimaginable magnitude. Though exiles are returning to Israel and things should be getting better, but Daniel is found in a time of mourning and fasting. He encounters a heavenly messenger that reminds us of the holiness and glory of God, but also of the reality is life is hard for God’s people and why life is so difficult. There is an assurance of God’s care in hardship revealed in “touches.” This chapter also prepares us to understand the war, especially the spiritual dimensions. What surprises us is that the conflicts here on earth have a counterpart in the heavenly realm. The upshot is that we need to have spiritual armor to fight the spiritual battles. Our battle is a spiritual battle, not one against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12). Jesus won our victory at the Cross and proved it through the Resurrection!